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A touch of Aloha inside and out


Note that the pricing and specific services offered may vary depending on the location, condition and size of each individual vehicle.


Pricing subject to change due to size and condition of vehicle.


On day of appointment an Aloha NW technician will give you the exact price estimate when vehicle is thoroughly inspected.


These prices are based on average size and everyday conditions of most vehicles, but if the condition of your vehicle requires extra work to complete the job because it has any of the following there will be extra charges.


Price increases will be for:

- Dog Hair or pet extras (urine, feces)

- Stains

- Bodily Fluids or Biohazards (vomit, blood, feces & urine)

- Water Spotting

- Paint

- Overspray

- Road Tar

- Tree Sap

- Green Moss

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